Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Movies Direct

Using Movies Direct to watch movies is very simple,you sign up and pay a one time only non recurring
Payment to use the website without any per title fees.
Movies direct member’s can instantly download and stream movies over the Internet to PCs,Macs,Mobiles,Tablets or Smart-TV.
Once a movie is downloaded yo can keep it and transfer it to any of your devices.
Downloaded movies do not require an Internet connection in order to watch once
Stored on you devices.

Using a simple HDMI cable you can connect your PC ot Mac to your TV,selectyour desired movie

On the computer and watch instantly on your TV.

Easily watch on your PC or Mac by logging on to your account and selecting a movie.

You can watch movies on any of your Mobiles or tablets by simply logging into your
Account and streaming the movie you want to watch.
You can even download and transfer the movie to any of your media devices and watch it anytime
without an Internet connection.
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Burn your downloaded movies to an empty DVD disc to watch on your standalone DVD Player.

Members of Movies Direct Enjoy The Following Benefits:


** Pay a one time fee with no monthly recurring charges and get unlimited access to Download and stream
As many movies as you want without any per title payments.

** Movies are “Download to keep”, once downloaded you can keep the movies forever,burn them to DVD or transfer them between any of your media devices.

** Movies Direct supports a huge range of mobile devices including all apple and Android mobiles
And tablets.

** Download and stream movies from almost any country on the planet.You can use movies direct from almost anywhere.
** Movies direct is a legally licensed service,enjoy safe and secure unlimited movie downloading that originate directly
From our service.No 3rd party software is needed in order to download or stream the movies.  


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